Time For Tea Stackable Rainbow Blender Brushes

Time For Tea Stackable Rainbow Blender Brushes

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Time For Tea Stackable Rainbow Blender Brushes

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Das Set enthält 8 nach Farben geordnete kleine Blender Brushes. Die Brushes sind super handlich und einfach zu bedienen.

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Contains 8 mini stackable blender brushes in Rainbow colours.

Our fabulous Beautiful Blender Brushes are now available in a new mini size. 

Blending the finer details with your chosen inks has never been easier and the finish you get will be the same smooth effect, as with all our Beautiful Blender Brushes.

The super soft densely packed bristles are bright white making it easy to see the colour of ink you have used. 

Just take your brushes apart & pop on the end of your finger to have full control over where your ink goes. The rainbow colours will make choosing your brush so much easier and they look beautiful too!

These brushes will coordinate with the other brushes you already have in your collection.

Use our brushes with your choice of inks to create beautiful blends and an airbrushed effect to your projects. You won’t believe how effortless it is.

They are super easy to clean. Simply wipe of the excess ink onto a micro fibre cloth and your brush is ready to use again.

We recommend you have a separate brush for each colour family to prevent any colour being transferred, however, you can use the same brush for different shades within the same block of colour.

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