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Spectrum Noir - TriBlend Marker - Deep Blends (24 Stück)

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24 Stifte mit Brush Spitze 72 Farben (mit jeweils 3 aufeinander abgestimmten Farben pro Stift) für perfekte Farbverläufe.

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These fabulous ‘Blend in a pen’ markers are perfect for on-the-go colouring, quick colouring sessions and more! Spectrum Noir Colouring System makes it easy for crafters and colourists to enjoy the super-smooth coverage and blended effects of alcohol markers.

Spectrum Noir unique 3-in-1 TriBlend marker lives within that system and is the perfect way to learn and explore its unique benefits. Inside every TriBlend marker there’s a perfect gradation of three colours, numbered from light to dark. The result is a smooth, controllable blend with beautiful shades you’ll return to time and again. Now anyone can colour and blend like an expert. It’s easy!

The 3 colours inside each TriBlend pen have been carefully developed to produce a smooth controlled gradation. You will get the same result each and every time, with no trial and error or guesswork. Both new and existing users will like the convenience of three colours in one. Colours can be switched effortlessly, without having to down tools or locate multiple pens. TriBlend also offers a portable alternative that saves carrying round a full collection of single colours. TriBlend Markers use only the very best alcohol-dye based inks, laboratory formulated for the ultimate in flow and surface feel. This means when you colour with TriBlend, you get flawless smooth coverage, with extended dry-times and just the right translucency for a seamless blend to deliver you a colouring experience that is second to none.

To enhance that experience even further, each TriBlend Marker is filled with 3 high-grade custom-made Japanese nibs. Hard-wearing and precise, for consistent, accurate colouring every time. The multiple parts that go to make up your TriBlend Marker have each been precision-engineered before passing through an extensive quality control process. This ensures against leaks, dry-nibs or other defects throughout the life of the pen. Give it a try. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve!

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