Lawn Fawn - Fangtastic Friends - Clear Stamps 4x6

Lawn Fawn - Fangtastic Friends - Clear Stamps 4x6

Lawn Fawn - Fangtastic Friends - Clear Stamps 4x6

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Auch wenn die Texte am besten zu Halloween Karten passen, kannst du das Stempel Set das ganze Jahr über benutzen! Mit dem Text "I love hanging with you" (ich bin gern mit Dir zusammen) oder "have a fangtastic (fangs=Fangzähne) day" (hab einen fantastischen Tag) zur Motivation oder für Bff. Bat, Fledermaus, Spinne, Ast, Spider, Branch, Schmetterling, Motte, Moth, Pumpkin head, Kürbiskopf,

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These adorable bats just want to hang around this Halloween! Create a spooky (but cute) scene with friendly insects, branches to hang on, and of course some fangtastic puns! Add more bats from Fangtastic Friends Add-On to really make it a party!

Coordinating set ideas: Make a really fun interactive project by pairing this set with Magic Picture Changer! Complete a scene for your bats with the Full Moon or Nighttime Sky Stencil. Need more branches for your flying friends? Use A Bug Deal  for those extra party branches, then invite more bug friends to your soirée!

Coordinating Lawn Cuts: Fangtastic Friends Lawn Cuts

approximate sizes:
hugging upside down bats: 1 1/8" x 1"
big tree branch: 2 3/4" x 7/8"
upside down bat with folded wings: 5/8" x 1"

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